The team presents!

Hello everyone!

The Global Game Jam 2013 date’s is aproaching! The team will be really busy doing the necessary arrengement so you can participate and enjoy, as every year, the best game jam of the year.

You know the city of Barcelone gives a name to the jam and the Ciudad Comtal (City of Counts). This is where you will enjoy a wanderful weekend wheter it is programming or drawing, meeting people and creating. However, this time we will change the location. And the new one couldn’t have been better: we will be located at the FIB, The Facultat d’Informàtica de Barcelona of UPC.

We are doing our best effort so everything will be ready and at your disposal the next 25, 26 and 27 of January of 2013.

Remember that so you can participate you have to be registered in this same page. In a few days the link will be available.

To be aware of the news you can take the RSS of this blog or also you can follow us on twitter: @gamejambcn.

Stay tuned for news!

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