Name Gameplay Creativity Graphics Result
1 I Chew You 3.67 4.25 4.33 12.25
2 The Missing Beat 3.42 4.25 3.00 10.67
3 Suit Race 2.64 3.27 3.82 9.73
4 Igor stole my heart 2.58 2.83 4.17 9.58
5 Beat Hunter 2.85 2.62 4.08 9.54
6 Zydon 3.54 3.62 2.23 9.38
7 Fire Attack 3.33 2.08 3.67 9.08
8 What a Nightmare! 3.62 2.38 2.92 8.92
9 Adrenaline Shot 3.00 2.42 1.75 7.17
10 Lub Dub 2.15 3.23 1.69 7.08
11 The thin line 1.92 2.15 2.77 6.85
12 Venozono 1.91 3.18 1.36 6.45

Congratulations! It’s not easy to finish a game in 48 hours, so we consider that all of you are winners 🙂

See you next year!

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