More than 100 people participated this year, with a total of 31 groups.

20 videogames were presented this sunday, you can acces the full list here.

You can see the results below:

Crab Home Rush4.403.604.654.153.954.404.19
Home Planner3.943.444.114.393.944.174.00
Match & Crash4.703.373.684.113.894.003.96
Roomba Fighters3.833.944.003.833.613.833.84
Neighbour Sweet Neighbour4.003.754.053.403.754.003.83
What Home Means For You Simulator 2019: The Realest Edition3.654.402.804.004.053.703.77
Más allá del hogar4.
Lawful Order3.722.393.834.333.783.723.63
Foxy Fight4.003.953.533.213.053.743.58
Desert Nomads2.893.114.003.533.473.633.44
wherever we lay our junk that's our home3.453.353.
Cat vs Roomba3.472.633.053.113.423.263.16
Snail Rage3.612.393.502.943.443.003.15
Path to Rest3.132.563.562.752.633.132.96
Loco Roomba Banana Slamma2.682.162.742.953.112.842.75
Back Home3.002.801.852.003.502.402.59
Brainless Invaders2.791.942.322.842.472.532.48
The Cave2.372.422.211.952.002.422.23
Avoidable House1.611.

We want to congratulate Home Planner for the most innovating, Match & Crash for the best graphics and What Home Means For You Simulator 2019: The Realest Edition for the best sound. Also What Home Means For You Simulator 2019: The Realest Edition and Wherever we lay our junk, that’s our home for the better relation with the theme.

And last but not least, the game with the best gameplay and overall score is…

¡¡Crab Home Rush!!


Thanks you for joining us this weekend, we hope that you enjoyed the experience of making videogames with us. See you next year!

We also want to thank RedBull, they have provided us with drinks for the whole event.

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