How does it work?

If you want to participate in the Game Jam Barcelona @ UPC, register through our web page.

The Global Game Jam takes place around the last weekend of January. Jammers must arrive on Friday. During that day there are activities, workshops and/or talks. Later, the Jam is officially introduced in an opening ceremony. There, the regulations, deadlines, available spaces and other services will be explained. At the end of the presentation, around 5p.m., the Game Jam’s theme will be revealed. You will have to design your game according to this theme.. Then participants will register in the Global Game Jam website as Game Jam Barcelona @ UPC participants.

Next the participants will form the working groups, according to the skills of the participants. It’s important to keep in mind what’s your profile so it’s easier to plan your group synergy (2D/3D artist. musician, developer, etc.). It’s also of the utmost importance to be conscious of your personal skills and limitations: be sincere and do not be afraid of sharing your weaknesses, everyone has his ups and downs and being aware of it helps us balance every group and make it so more inexperienced people learn from the more experienced.

Once you are in a group, your first goal is to design a videogame related to the Game Jam’s theme. Remember you only have 48 hours, so the best choice would be to design a game prototype with a simple mechanic, a clear overview of the global scope and that can be carried out in less than 48 hours.

When your general idea is defined, you may choose a fitting name for your project and register it into the Global Game Jam web page. Starting this moment, you will be on a time trial for your work to be fully developed before your time runs out.

Sunday afternoon, at the closing ceremony, every group will be given the chance of showing their game to the rest of the participants. Then, every participant will vote his favorite game in a series of categories we will announce. After counting votes, the winners of the Game Jam Barcelona @ UPC will be announced.

How can I make a videogame in 48 hours?

Being awake 48 hours may sound like a pretty long weekend but game developers know for a fact that the development of a project can take months. Commercial videogames are created by fully fledged teams made of programmers, artists, musicians and so forth. So… How is it possible that we, a small group, could even imagine to build a video game from scratch in 48 hours? First of all, your game will be a prototype, not a complete commercial videogame. In a prototype, the most important thing is fun. Your game has to be fun, enjoyable and origina. Second, you have a wide variety of tools at your disposal. Your main goal is to design a quick prototype, emphasizing having a functional game the earliest possible. It’s completely different from a long production, where the workers involved in it have more time and get more robust results. There is a lot of options for you to choose from: Flash, XNA, Unity, etc. The most important thing is to pick one you are familiarized with. You won’t have time to learn a new language or technology. As the Game Jam Barcelona @ UPC we invite you to take advantage of this unique opportunity and enjoy a great weekend doing what we all love: making videogames!