How can I register my team?
There’s no need to register teams. Registrations are individual, and attending the Jam without an established team is recommended. In the Jam you’ll have time to create teams. That’s part of the fun: meeting new and exciting people and work with them. However, you can always come with an already formed team if you prefer so.

Who owns the games made at the Jam?
All code written by you at the Jam will be open source under a Creative Commons license. Otherwise, you retain full ownership of your game. The Creative Commons license only applies to the game you submit to the Jam, you’re free to license future versions of your game as you wish.

Do we have to write games from scratch, or can we use already made content or code?
You can reuse anything you want as long as its license doesn’t conflict with the Creative Commons license. However, your game must fit in the Jam’s theme, and you must be the owner of all content.

Will it be possible to visit the Jam site or the workshops and talks without being registered?
Yes. We have limited space, though, and jam participants will always have priority.

Can I publish my game in web sites, look for publishers or sell it?
Yes as long as you comply with the Creative Commons license. Also keep in mind that future versions of your game needn’t be under Creative Commons license..

Which platform must our game run on?
Any platform you wish! Choose the one you’re most comfortable with.

I work for the videogame industry. Can I still participate?
Sure! All you need to participate is the desire to do so and share your experience.

Can I still participate in the Jam?
The goal of the Jam is producing a videogame in 48 hours. It is strongly recommended that you do have previous game development experience.

Will there be computers for use by the participants?
Unfortunately we can’t provide computers. You have to bring your own.

48 hours is a long time. Will we be able to sleep or rest during the jam?
Sure! We will have one room reserved for this. You can sleep there. We recommend you bring a sleeping bag, pillows, etc. There will be access to restrooms too.