What is the diversifier system?

The diversifiers system’s purpose is to motivate expert jammers and to propitiate a wider variety of games along the thousand that are created throughout the Jam. Diversifiers are small challenges participants can accept and may or may not be related to the Jam’s theme. The use of diversifiers is completely voluntary and any jammer can make use of them but they will not result into any extra points. We suggest their use to experimented jammers and to focus on them once the videogame’s prototype is well established.

The diversifiers list will be announced after the principal theme and can be as diverse as “Every resource within the game must be generated procedurally” or “Your videogame can be played alongside your pet“. Be sure your prototype is well thought out before tackling the diversifier challenges.

How many diversifiers can my project have?

As many as you want although the Global Game Jam web page will only let you choose 4 from its list. You can also not accept any of them, remember it’s an optional challenge dedicated to expert participant as a way of increasing the variety of games.

How can I add a diversifier to my game?

The diversifiers of a given game will be displayed in its page. You only need to check the box of the desired diversifier. Remember diversifiers are independent of the Jam’s principal theme!

The diversifiers list will be published at the official Global Game Jam webpage