An Indie Game Jam it’s a meeting in which to develop videogames on a short time span. The jammers design their game and develop it in a limited time, enough time so the initial prototype can acquire a mature state and matches its original idea. Indie Game Jams inspired bigger jams like the  Global Game Jam.

The Global Game Jam was born from the desire of making a much bigger Indie Game Jam, the biggest of all the Indie Game Jams. It was funded in 2008 and invites people around the world to organize a Game Jam at their local city under certain circumstances: every Jam must happen on a given date previously set by the Global Game Jam organization; the developing time spans until 48h after the event started and the developed games have to match a certain theme which will be announced at the begining of the Jam (not before). Hundreds of Game Jams take place  around the world simultaneously and its participants compete at a local and global scope.

The Game Jam Barcelona @ UPC is the Jam that will happen in Barcelona and it’s being organized by VGAFIB. VGAFIB is an association of university students from the  Facultad de Informática de Barcelona at the Universitat Politècnica de Cataluña and its purpose is to introduce other people to videogame development. We strongly believe the Global Game Jam is the perfect event to promote VGAFIB’s ideals. We encourage everyone that shares our principles to participate at the Game Jam Barcelona @ UPC, along with every other Game Jam in Spain. Sign up for the Game Jam Barcelona @ UPC.